Water Confidence

Conquer your fear of the water

For those with a fear of the water, it is not irrational or something to be minimized, it is very real.

No matter how long you have lived with your fear of water, or to what degree your fear is, you can learn to overcome your fear and interact with the water in a positive way.

The Fear is Real

Whether your fear is rooted in childhood trauma or just a general apprehension about being in the water, the fear is very real. Many people live with their fear and either stay out of the water all together or swim and enter the water with some level of the fear present in them.

The fear unfortunately guides their movements and inhibits their ability to work in, and with the water.

Common Characteristics

Some common characteristics of fear of the water are:

  • Panic at the thought of being in water.
  • Tensing muscles and a feeling of insecurity.
  • Loosing balance when in the water.
  • Panic swimming focused only on getting to the
    other side of the pool.
  • Holding your breath while swimming.
  • Swimming with your head out of water.
  • Becoming anxious if another swimmer is close by.

Relax not Tense

People who are nervous or anxious about the water tend to hold themselves in awkward positions that actually inhibit their ability to swim.

In a typical fearful approach, people often keep their body rigid and tense in an attempt to keep as much of the head and body above the water as they can. This reaction tends to restrict breathing and makes it actually more difficult to remain buoyant.

Before any activity regarding water, the participant will be explain how to conquer their fear in ‘Water Confidence’
They are told how to relax, what to do and not to do in the water, should there be any incident in the water. They are also been told the important of using life jacket, different type of life jacket and type of rope that use for saving people. After that the test in the water.

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